Sacramento Business Entity Formation

Before Pamela Jones began practicing law, she worked for several nonprofits. As an attorney with a background in business, Pamela Jones is able to marry her business savvy with her legal aptitude to advise small businesses and nonprofits with formation, governance issues, tax issues and more.

At The Law Offices of Pamela Jones, we provide responsive communication and service tailored to the unique needs of each client. We guide small businesses and nonprofits through a host of legal matters, which can include:

• Entity choice and formation

• Entity dissolution

• Reviewing leases

• Reviewing sale purchase agreements

• Disputes between partners and shareholders

• Governance issues

• Tax issues

Intelligently Forming A Business Entity

Lawyer Serving Nonprofits And Small Businesses

At The Law Offices of Pamela Jones, we can help you intelligently decide a path for the formation of your business. We ensure you understand the tax obligations of that formation. At The Law Offices of Pamela Jones, we can help nonprofits secure tax-exempt status, and we can guide small businesses through employment, tax, governance and record-keeping matters.

The The Law Offices of Pamela Jones remains current on all laws and changes that impact small businesses and nonprofits in Nevada. We can also help clients work toward a positive resolution when issues like disputes between partners and shareholders arise.

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